In order to summarize and promote the lively practice and advanced experience of the standardized operation and innovation of farmers' cooperatives, and guide the high-quality development of farmers' cooperatives throughout the country, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently selected 24 typical examples of farmer cooperatives for promotion.

It is understood that as of the end of April 2019, there were 2.207 million farmer cooperatives registered in China according to law, and radiation boosted nearly half of the country's farmers. These farmers' cooperatives are widely distributed and have become an important carrier for organizing small farmers, an important platform for activating rural resource elements, and an important force for safeguarding farmers' rights and interests. The 24 typical cases of this promotion have their respective focuses, focusing on the effective practices of farmers' cooperatives in party building, industrial revitalization, brand creation, and serving small farmers, highlighting the interests of farmers' cooperatives and members. Mainly divided into the following nine types:

The Party branch is responsible for poverty alleviation farmers' cooperatives. Through the village party branch to lead the farmers' cooperatives to develop the rural industry, and drive the whole village out of poverty is a characteristic practice of the Chinese farmers' cooperatives to help them out of poverty. Inner Mongolia Zalute Banner Malayan Aili cattle professional cooperatives and other villages and villages led the practice of peasant cooperatives, built branches in the industrial chain, give full play to the role of grassroots party organizations in the integration of people's hearts and resources, and promote farmers' cooperatives to do Big and strong, leading the entire village farmers out of poverty and getting rich, and achieved the party building and industry flying together.

Grain-scale management farmer cooperatives. To stabilize the important task of food security and to maintain the bottom line of food security, it is necessary to foster the development of farmer cooperatives. At present, food-farmer cooperatives account for 21.6% of the total. The Jinshahe Crop Planting Professional Cooperative in Nanhe County, Hebei Province, mainly focuses on staple food production, innovates and strengthens the ties with members, develops large-scale custody services, promotes cross-regional development of farmer cooperatives, and realizes grain industrialization and scale. development of.





“三位一体”农民合作社。 2017年,中央第一号文件呼吁积极发展“三位一体”的生产,供销,信贷全面合作。浙江瑞安梅雨蔬菜专业合作社已从最初的单一农业生产服务发展到生产,供销,信用综合业务合作。通过市场机制和经济联系,提升功能扩展和服务能力。




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