This year's violent plum is too impermanent, and the birth of the South into a Hollywood blockbuster. However, the weather forecast said that Jiangnan is coming out of the plum, and Jiangnan seems to be able to breathe in the thunder and lightning, such as a rainstorm, ready to escape from the depth of the water into the hot, I wonder if the north will enter the water depth from the heat. But in this hot and hot season, it is best to prepare the rain and the summer. (If you can't figure out what the subject of rain and summer is, please refer to the structure of the urinary tract.)

The 30th day of the two heats of the summer and the heat of the summer is in the twelfth news. It is the top four impotences, the two hazes below, and the upper jaw is 乾卦(?), dry for the sky, 卦 is the 艮卦(?), the mountain is called the Tianshan Mountain, and it grows like this:


"遁", escape also, move also, retreat. The extension has the meanings of retreat, departure, migration, and avoidance.《易经序卦传》: "The object can not live for a long time, so it is because of it." All things can not be in a state for a long time without change, there must be a flaw.

The sun has collapsed after the summer solstice. During the summer solstice, the direct sun reached the northernmost line of the Earth's Tropic of Cancer, and then began to squat. The theoretical heat will also retreat at the peak of the great heat. The growth of plants will also reach the most vigorous state of the year this month, after which they will begin to retreat.

Everything in the heavens and the earth is awkward, and of course people are no exception. When encountering violent plums, it will rain, and the heat will be hot. The old man is not saying that a folk song says: "Heroes don't earn June money." This is quite healthy, it is very hurtful, which makes so many people who are violently guarding their posts and taking hot and hot summers.

From the point of view of health, the heat of the summer is the sputum. During this time, the body surface is hot, the internal organs are cold, the appetite is worse, the physical strength is declining, the burnout is easy to be lacking, and the sputum is of course healthy. Who does not want to go to the mountains to take a summer break? But, but when you are embarrassed, touch your heart, have you arrived at the time?

xxIf we regard the twelfth message as a person's life, when the middle-aged has already achieved a successful career, the new force will appear in large numbers, just like the two hazes below. At this time, people should Moderate retreat, give new people space to develop, complete the replacement of energy and talents, and preserve the achievements of life. This is the embarrassment of life.

However, middle-aged is a reference, and a successful career is a hard indicator. Touch your heart, don't hurt.

In order to face this hot summer day and life, let's talk about the theory.

遁卦 is the earliest discussion of the Chinese ideology. If you compare the yin to the villain and the yang to the gentleman, you will symbolize that the villain will gradually gain momentum, the gentleman will disappear, the small human will grow, and will become Sanyin is down, Sanyang is on the top, and he enters the small humanity, and the gentleman’s road is hidden. This is the philosophical thinking of China's twelve news. Twelve news see the picture below.


At this time, the development momentum of Yin is unstoppable. The "time" has changed. The time-conscious person is Junjie. The gentlemen must distinguish the general trend, and when they are in a timely manner, they will retreat in time, and the Ming and Qing Dynasties will protect themselves, as Fan Yi’s merits retreat. The lake, in order to avoid the rabbit dead dog cooking, the bird does not bow.

《易》曰 亢 亢 亢 亢 亢 亢 亢 ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” , , , , ,

"Oh, the dragon has regrets" is not only retreating, but also with the time, the timely retreat is prosperous and auspicious. I don't know if there is regret, I am afraid that only the saints can advance and retreat, and live and die together without losing their originality.

Will this reason be a bit too big? Who are we saints, who is Fan Wei?

It’s better to say that it’s a good thing for ordinary people.










遁卦提出的建议是:“没有邪恶和严厉。” “邪恶”是令人厌恶的,这是一种可恶和恶心的态度,这是一种恶心的态度。先生们不应该以这种情绪化的方式对待恶棍。这是绅士的自毁身份和反派,这对绅士是有害的。

先生们应该严格对待恶棍。 “严格”是威严。这是庄严和庄严的。这是一种傲慢和克己。这是一种罪恶和邪恶。这位绅士是自尊的,坚持正确的道路,不可侵犯和严肃。害怕,不敢轻举妄动。就像天堂有自己的力量一样,山脉也不能侵入天空。这是绅士控制世界的方式。