A股,已经伤了太多人的心了 (今日复盘)

A shares have hurt too many people's hearts


If the wordboard of Zhuo Shengwei on Friday, the wordboard of Huahong Technology, and the daily limit of Hanyu Group are the three indicators of short-term sentiment improvement, then the Hanyu Group’s sharply lower opening today is the weakening of sentiment again. Signal, Huahong Technology's frying board strengthened this signal, and Zhuo Shengwei's daily limit board was smashed, confirming this signal.

The trend of Hanyu Group tells us: whether you are low-sucking or chasing up, you don’t want to make a profit out of the market, including Jinfei Kaida, which is still being shackled on the daily limit, and has not given any funds for Friday’s even the limit. Opportunity is profitable.


The trend of the long-term ocean tells us that the recent faucets are all hanged by the dead method of the sky floor. From this point of view, the short-term mood is only a little bit better.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange will hold the first batch of company listing ceremony of the Science and Technology Board on July 22 (Monday). At present, 25 companies have obtained approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission to register, which is the first listed company listed on the board.

This week, A shares will soon usher in the most lively “New Golden Week” in history, and 21 new shares will be purchased every day. For the upcoming Golden Week, the 9 new shares will be purchased on the same day, which is the first time in the history of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


The news broke the A shares. Upper decision decided by the economic background. Dozens of new shares, the ultimate goal, more than 95% are directed at reduction.

The fraudulent Kangde created a new four-year holiday. The final price was that the company was fined 600,000 and the actual controller was fined 900,000 yuan. Who is losing more than 600,000 on this ticket, not more than one hundred?


A-shares have already made too many old investors sad, but new investors will be picked up one after another.